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Permanent Makeup

What are semi-permanent and permanent makeup?

Microblading is a semi-permanent manual technique that uses a unique manual handtool. We implant pigment just below the epidermis with a disposable blade that uses a variety of needle sizes. The pigment just touches the dermis layer of skin and produces fine, natural hair strokes. We can also use this manual tool to create a beautiful shadow in the brows, as well as an ombre effect. Semi-permanent makeup such as microblading lasts approximately two years based on skin type, medications taken, sun exposure, etc.
Permanent eyeliner and lip liner are forms of permanent makeup. We use a digital device that creates beautiful lines and shadow with disposable needles. Permanent makeup lasts a lifetime but may require color touch ups over the years depending on sun exposure.
Permanent makeup includes permanent eyeliner and lip color.  Permanent makeup can last a lifetime with the correct care and when performed properly.  It is completed with a digital machine and sterile, organic needles and pigment customized for your skin tone and based on your preferences.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Myths

  1. Microblading or digital permanent makeup will damage the skin and leave scars. This is FALSE.  Poor training and lack of practice can cause terrible results. Jennifer, our permanent makeup artist, has trained with a number of permanent makeup academies and microblading companies, based out of Europe, and all internationally recognized as the leaders in this fast-paced industry.
  2. People who get semi-permanent or permanent makeup want bold, fake-looking results. This is FALSE. Clients can choose a natural result or more bold depending on their preferences. We will always work with our clients to get the exact look they want prior to application.  Procedures will not take place until the client has approved the work.
  3. Microblading or permanent makeup is painful. This is FALSE. We use a variety of numbing solutions on our clients to ensure comfort during the procedure. Results vary per client but on the whole most clients do not feel pain during procedures due to our excellent products.